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QT8-15 stationary full automatic block making machine

Introduce:QT8-15 is a new model stationary block machine with mature technology and excellent performance from Henry block machine factory. The machine is a whole block production line, can produce various sizes of cement hollow blocks, pavement bricks, V5-shape interlocking blocks, curnstones, colorful pavers and so on. Combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration force, it makes blocks high quality.
QT8-15 stationary full automatic block making machine

QT8-15 stationary block machine

QT8-15 automatic hollow block making machine description

1).rack: using high-strength steel and special welding process,it is extremely strong.
2).column-oriented: the use of super-special steel, chrome-plated surface ,it has a good resistance and wear resistance.
3).mold cavity & the pressure head: Electro-hydraulic synchronous drived, the high degree of  the same manufactured pallets are rarely error , the product has been good of consistency.
4).use of proportion of the sensing and hydraulic drive technology,under the function of the swing-style fabric cars and arch-breaking bodies , resulting in forced and centrifugal blowdown ,all of these made rapid and uniform fabrics,and were beneficial to the  thin-walled and multi-holes' is products.
5).QT8-15 concrete block machinery vibrators,the use of electro-hydraulic technology-driven,multi-source vibration system,the hydraulic drive generated the vertical synchronous vibration under the computer's control.Amplitude frequency could be adjusted,and the achievement of low-frequency feeding and high-frequency shaping of the working principle made a good vibration effect of different raw materials,vibration speeds could be up to 17.5 G.
6).computer-controlled and human-machine interface, the control apparatus  using imported with original packing, the control program combining 20 years of actual production experience, combining with the trend of international development researched and designed , designing to meet the  national conditions ,strong memory could prepare for upgrading needs .

QT8-15 is a full automatic block production line, main parts are PLD1200 material btching machine, concrete mixer, conveyor belt, block forming machine and stacker.

1. Cement silo is used for saving cement / fly ash, the material which are easy to fly away. It's mainly used for preventing the loss of cement, and keep it dry. It's also environmentally used and land-saving.

2. Cement scale: it's used for controlling the quantity of cement.

3. Material batching machine: Three bins for different kinds of materials, sand and stone. There's another bin under the upper three bins and control the quantity by weight.

4. Concrete mixer: controlled by time.

5. Block forming machine: Material will be discharged first, so that the material can be more even and blocks made will be of large density. Then material will be filled in the mould box automatically, then pressed by hydraulic pressure and forced by under vibration box. Great pressure is formed and blocks will be of high strength.

6. Automatic staker: It can stack the blocks for 4-5 layers, so that the several pallets of blocks can be carried together and make the production more efficiently. Reducer is equipped so that all the moves can be slowed down and smooth, the wet blocks will be protected very well.

We can also provide the supporting facilities for you,you can choose the equipment you need.

QT8-15 Production line needed data:

1. Area: Workshop area: 150-200m2, all factory area 3000m2, the bigger, the better.

2. Workers : four or five

3. Ratio of raw material:cement 8%-10% sand 30%-40% stone:50%-60%,about cement :sand : stone is1:4:5.

4. hollow block weight:(400*200*200) :17KG,(400*150*200):13.5KG,(400*100*200):10KG

5. raw material consumption per day:160-170T

6. water consumption per day:3%-5% of raw material

7 blocks: can make all kinds of hollow and solid blocks, the pressure hollow blocks is about 8-10Mpa, solid is about 10-12Map. Can be widely used in low walls .

8.how to cure the bocks: in very hot area, about many hours can be stacked from the pallets, in the first 5-7days must spray water to cure, about 7 days can be sell.  in usual area, about one day later can be stacked from pallets, in the first 5-7 days must spray water to cure. About 14 days can be sell.

QT8-15 Full automatic block making machine

Overall Dimension


Rated Pressure


Main Vibration Form

Platform vibration

Vibration Frequency


Pallet Size


Molding Cycle


Overall Power


Vibration Force


Total Mass


Demolding Method


Factory Area


Applied Products

Concrete blocks, hollow/solid blocks, pavers, interlocking blocks, curbstone, colored pavers, etc.

Raw Material

Crushed stone, sand, cement, dust, and fly ash, gravel, slag, and other raw material , etc.

QT8-15 stationary full automatic block making machine is very popular, and has been proved to be excellent, stable and durable in customer production site.

The blocks made by this machine are of high strength and large density, which can be seen from photo above. Also, this machine is a multi-purpose block making machine, it can produce different types of blocks by changing moulds. Products available are concrete hollow blocks, solid standard bricks, interlocking pavers, curbstone and so on. We customize high quality block machine and block molds for you.

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